Improve Your Punctuation with Grammar and Punctuation Checker Free Online

Grammar and Punctuation Checker Free Online

Many of us are not sure about our knowledge of grammar. Speaking English in daily life is something different and writing it, while taking care of grammatical and punctuation rules, is a different story. We have sentence comma corrector and that is used by foreigners and native English speakers, equally. Correct punctuation can help you to get good results, admission in the institution of your choice, a good job, more traffic towards your blog and much more. That is the reason why our comma corrector is used all over the world, as a punctuation assistant. Everyone can use this tool, no matter what his profession is.

Wrong Comma Placement: Wrong Meaning of Text

Grammar and punctuation checker free online is widely used because people struggle with punctuation. Even a single comma can change the meaning of the text.

The comma is a common punctuation mark and often not taken seriously. People do not use it properly, either it is used very generously when there is no need or its completely avoided. A wrong comma placement may result in comma splice, ruining the quality of your writing.

The placement of a comma can change the meaning of your sentence. A famous example is:

“Hang, don’t leave him.”

“Hang don’t, leave him.”

It is just an example, which shows how important this little punctuation mark is.

Consequences of Wrong Punctuation

People are using grammar and punctuation check app these days. If you are not convinced to use these apps, you need to understand the consequences of wrong punctuation.

  • If you are a student and you fail to punctuate your academic documents properly, there are chances that your teacher will ask you to revise your paper. If it was about grades, you will get low grades for sure.
  • If you are a student and seeking admission, produce your wrongly punctuated personal statement or resume and admission committee will reject you.
  • For job seekers, it is even more important to produce well-punctuated documents. No one wants to hire a person with low writing skills and a careless attitude.
  • If you are running a blog with wrong punctuation, you will get negative comments on your posts and traffic towards your webpage will also decrease.

These are just a few consequences of wrong punctuation. You need free proper punctuation checker to avoid all these and many other issues.

Comma Placement: 15 Basic Rules

You can find essay punctuation corrector to correct your punctuation mistakes. But it is important to know the basic rules of punctuation, particularly for comma placement, because it’s the most commonly used punctuation mark. Here are some basic comma placement rules, which you may find helpful.

  1. When a coordinating conjugation is linking two clauses, use a comma before that.
  2. When the first clause of the sentence is a dependent clause, use a comma after that.
  3. Use a comma to differentiate appositives.
  4. Use a comma to separate items in a list or series.
  5. Use a comma after introductory adverbs.
  6. Use a comma before you start writing quotes.
  7. Separate the elements of address by using a comma.
  8. The comma is used to separate elements of the date.
  9. Use a comma after free-standing words.
  10. When you need to address someone, use a comma after his name.
  11. If two adjectives are modifying the same noun, use a comma between them.
  12. To offset negation, use a comma.
  13. When you have to write a number of more than 000, use a comma.
  14. Use comma around interrupting words, like however, etc.
  15. Use a comma to avoid confusion.

Comma Usage: Examples

You can ask an expert to punctuate my sentence, but you must have basic knowledge about comma usage.

  • Here are some examples:
  • Incorrect: My friend John, is a wonderful writer.
  • Correct: My friend John is a wonderful writer.
  • Incorrect: I will wear pink blazer, and heels.
  • Correct: I will wear pink blazer and heels.
  • Incorrect: we were out of food, we went to the market
  • Correct: we were out of food. We went to the market.
  • Incorrect: Let’s eat grandma.
  • Correct: Let’s eat, grandma.

Tips to Improve Punctuation

Now a day, you can check punctuation online free. But if you will have better punctuation skills, it will take less time to check punctuation with any tool. Some tips can help you to improve your punctuation.

  1. Write small sentences, there will be fewer punctuation mistakes.
  2. When you have doubts about comma usage, split the sentences into two sentences.
  3. Use apostrophes correctly.
  4. Avoid the unnecessary use of quotation marks.
  5. Don’t forget to use a hyphen for compound adjectives.

You can use a tool to auto punctuate your text.

Free Proper Punctuation Checker: How It Can Help

You can use the correct comma placement checker to fix this sentence and any kind of text.

  • It corrects grammatical mistakes, there is no need to use another grammar app for correction.
  • It corrects spelling mistakes, according to the context of your text.
  • It corrects misused words.
  • It corrects punctuation errors. No matter, its comma splices or misuse of the semicolon.
  • It works as an online writing tutor and helps to improve your writing skills by providing proper feedback.

Use this grammar and punctuation checker free online and experience the magic it brings. All mistakes will vanish in no time, try yourself!